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Aircraft Hangar 1/144 scale

hangar prototype with 1/144 scale Luftwaffe aircraft
more hangars at the Munich Plastic Model Show 2000
the model
In 1995 I constructed the aircraft hangar together with two barracks for a diorama with my Luftwaffe aircraft. Construction is quite simple - drawings are made in black and white, I used different cardboard colors to get different wall, roof and floor colors.
about copyright
You can download and print this card model for your private purpose.
Any commercial use without my written permission is strictly prohibited!
download informations
File format
All sheets come as b/w PDF-files. You need the Acrobat Reader to view and print the files. Download the Acrobat Reader here
Paper format
All sheets are in Letter-format, but it is no problem to print on DIN-A4 paper.
Make sure to print the sheets 1:1 without any scaling to the paper format. This is not necessary.
Please report any problems, comments, suggestions, ...
download all Hangar parts as ZIP-File
(169 kB)
contents all necessary PDF-Files and a HTML-File for easy use. Extract the files in a directory and open the file 'click_here.htm' with your internet browser.
or download the individual Hangar parts (b/w PDF-Files):
hangar floor plan (16 kB)
hangar base, 
use white paper for printing. 
hangar walls (12 kB)
hangar front, rear and right wall,
use 160g/qm cardboard in the wall color you want.
hangar side building (13 kB)
left and right hangar side building and left hangar wall,
use 160g/qm cardboard in the wall color you want.
barrack walls (16 kB)
barrack walls and inner hangar walls,
use 160g/qm cardboard in the wall color you want.
hangar floor (9 kB)
hangar floor,
use dark grey130g/qm cardboard.
hangar roof+doors (7 kB)
hangar roof and doors,
use light grey130g/qm cardboard.
barrack roofs (11 kB)
barrack roofs and bases,
use light grey130g/qm cardboard.
hangar forefield (7 kB)
hangar forefield and stone paths,
use medium grey130g/qm cardboard.
clear windows (10 kB)
clear windows for hangar and barracks,
use transparent (overhead) foil.
assembly instructions (7 kB)
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