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You build scale models ?
You like the large scales ?
You want an inexpensive hobby ?
You want to build large WWI warships ?
You want to know more about Card Modeling?
revised February 14th 2001
Major properties are:
  • a large number of different models is published.
  • many kits are not available as plastic models.
  • the usual scales are: 
    • aircraft - 1/33
    • ships - 1/100, 1/200, 1/250, 1/300
    • buildings - HO, N, 1/120, 1/200, 1/250
    • military vehicles - 1/25
  • card models are inexpensive compared to plastic models.
  • you do not need expensive tools like an airbrush for a good finish.
  • the level of detail is very high.
  • card models are easy to collect in unbuild condition - need not much space :-)
  • building is not easy - you often have only one try...
Everything about Card Modeling you find at
Name Comments
The Card Modeling FAQ Maintained by Steve Brown. Answers EVERY Questions! 
Shopping Card Models is possible at
Name  Comments
Gryf Hobby Gryfino, Poland Polish hobby shop. Extensive card model list, low prices! English Version in progress...
Hobby Factory Canada Canadian hobby shop, low prices.
Marcle Models Great Britain British hobby shop, small website.
Moshe Lemers Paper Models Sells the impressive ModelArt-Kits.
Paperparadise USA US hobby shop.
Paper Model International PMI USA Online catalogue.
Pelta Hobbies Warszaw, Poland Polish hobby shop, large list of card models, but most of them not in stock.
Scheuer & Struever Hamburg, Germany  Excellent website - easy to navigate. Ordering their comprehensive catalogue is a must! They also have a nice hobby shop. German/English Version available.
Wilhelmshaven Paper Models  Germany All Wilhelmshaven, Schreiber, Passat kits.
Card Model Publishers in the web are
Name Comments
Betexa Czech Republic Nice website with its own internet shop, Czech/English Version available. 
DIGITAL NAVY USA Ships 'on CD', try their sample downloads.
Fiddlers Green USA Postcard models.
GPM Poland Nice website with excellent pics of their models.
Halinski Poland Nice website with its own internet shop, Polish/English Version available. 
HMV-Verlag Germany Ships and ship-supplies, German only. 
Paper Shipwright  Great Britain Paper Ships by David Hathaway. 
Prudenziatti  Italy Aircraft and ships - some are free, other for sale. 
Card Model Websites with Aviation/Space/Marine Topics, worth a visit, are
Name Comments
Steve Brown's Card Models Mainly pics of ships, etc.
Michael Cittadino's model pictures Pics of his models: a tank and several aircraft.
Lou Coatney: Homepage Many pics, Monitor, Merrimack and USS Butler class destroyer for download.
Ralph Currell's Paper Models 1/32 V1 and V2 in b/w and camouflage impressive!
Wayne Cutrell's model pictures Pics of several aircraft models, finished and during assembly.
Jeff Cwioks Card Model Hobby Page Pics of  several built aircraft and shipmodels.
Raimondo Fortezza's Paper-ISS Model  The ISS (International Space Station) and a Space Shuttle in 1/100 scale as a free download! NEW
David Green's Card Models Pics of  several built aircraft and shipmodels.
Saul's Card/Paper Model Pages Large card model resource page: pics, links, reviews, tips&tricks, etc.
Mark's Paper Model Pages Pics and reviews (aircraft).
Free Paper Planes by C. Huisman 25 aircraft for download, simple models.
Michal Kopacz & Marcin Kozlowskis Navy Highly detailed Polish card model ships. 
Phil Koopman's Fly'N Things Some nice aircraft for download. 
TomToms Card Models DASA-Rockwell X-31.
Pawel Piwonskis Aircraft Pics of 1/33 P-47 Thunderbolt and Mitsubishi Raiden, look around for more card model stuff! 
Space Launch Report - Paper Scale Models 3 space rockets (1/96). NEW
Gunnar Silléns Modelljournalen Several articles about card models/modeling with pics.
Emil Zarkov's models F-15C Eagle (1/32) impressive!
more interesting stuff at
Name Comments
Iceberg Bouwplaten Architecture models, but excellent additional infos about card modeling, links, etc. 
Gomix Vacuformed canopies for aircraft models.
meet Card Modelers in the web
Name Comments
mailto: Cardmodel-L mailing list Put the following text in the message body:
SUBSCRIBE CARDMODEL-L firstname lastname
(limited to 100 members...ask King Butler if you get into trouble)
mailto: CardModelers mailing list Put the following text in the message body:
subscribe cardmodelers your-email-address 
(no limits)
Papermodels at SmartGroups You have to subscribe the Papermodels group to get access to its resources:
mailing list, files, links, etc. revised
Paper Model Message Board First message board about card modeling.
my workbench:
Mig-23 Flogger
Fly Model No.45
1/33 scale

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